Ladies Who Lunch… Making time for friends…

Ladies Who  Lunch

Sometimes finding time to catch up with friends is difficult. I have my friends who I see very regularly; and then I have my friends that I don’t get to see enough of. Today I met two such friends for lunch in Norwich and because of this I feel amazing. I could literally use the description ‘feeling warm and fuzzy inside!’…

I don’t think we’ve been able to see each other for about a year due to a number of reasons, but no one around us would have thought that. The afternoon was filled with laughter, memories, laughter, the latest news, smiles and more laughter. My jaw really does hurts from the amount of smiling, laughing and talking that happened today.

It was wonderful to hear and see how wonderful everyone was feeling about their lives at this moment in time, even though we are all on very different paths. Mel now has a beautiful five month old daughter and the joy just oozes out when she talks about her. Clare has taken the plunge into self-employment as a vocal coach (about time too the talented so and so!). Her enthusiasm for performance is contagious so this is definitely one giant leap in the right direction. And then there’s me. Only two months and 19 days away from flying across to the other side of the world!! Everyone seemed really secure with the path that their life is currently forming and that is just an incredible thing to witness.

Anyway, my point is… make sure you make time to meet up with those friends you haven’t seen in a while… or even your friend you saw yesterday. Its good for the heart!



Bank Holiday and Blue Skies: Bury St Edmunds…


How was everybody’s bank holiday weekend? How wonderful was it that our Bank Holiday Monday, which are renowned for being wet, was instead replaced with beautiful blue skies! It was glorious!

I spent a lovely day wandering the city of Bury St Edmund’s; exploring the ruins of the Abbey and pottering around the shops in the town centre.

Bury St Edmunds is about an hour and a quarter away from where I live… close enough to pop to for the day but far enough away for those unfortunate motion sickness sufferers (like myself!) to arrive feeling a bit queasy!… So the lovely weather was welcomed as soon as I stepped outside of the car. The morning was spent exploring the park that holds Benedictine Abbey’s ruins. To enter you walk through the Great Gate, which while originally this would have lead to the Great Court and Abbey’s Palace, it now leads into the Abbeys Gardens. And what a beautiful sight they are! Laid out in a Victorian bedding style, the garden was full of unexpected colour. Deep oranges, reds and yellows burst out of the greenery. Well I couldn’t help but stop and take several photos to share with you!IMG_9952

Due to the sun shining and it being bank holiday the park that followed on from the gardens was full of families playing games, walking and eating picnics. Children and parents ran through, around and over the ruins, chasing each other or their dogs and having just a wonderful time. It was so nice watching everyone enjoying themselves, smiling to each other and strangers passing. I think that is part of the beauty of Bury St Edmunds. The history is right there on everyone’s doorstep… or back garden as such. It’s not fenced off with a ‘do not touch’ sign. You can get right in there. Walk the paths of the Benedictine Monks, and the Royals who visited. The children can reenact the history that is in the stone they climb over whilst the adults can daydream about what once was and what is now left behind.

As we stepped out of the park and gardens we came across some houses that were built into the stone wall. They were really quite incredible. We only stopped in the cathedral for a few moments as we had a reservation for lunch, but I think it’s honestly the first cathedral that didn’t make me feel like i’m intruding. Does anyone else ever feel this way? The glass windows were gorgeous, and I think the walls being white rather than a dark brick accentuated them, overall making the place so welcoming.

Whilst we normally like to try a local place rather than a chain restaurant for lunch, we had some vouchers for Pizza Express.. and who can turn down a chance to try somewhere for free?! … Whilst not the best Italian restaurant, it was still lovely. The restaurant itself was decorated wonderfully with local art canvas’ which had designs of post signs pointing to nearby towns on them. It had a light and airy feel to the place which was surprising as from the outside it looked small and cramped. Foodwise: I would highly recommend the Romana Pollo ad Astra Pizza.. although if you like a bit of spice like me, maybe ask for a extra topping of your favourite chilli to give it a bit of a kick… anyone else find that chilli oil never really does much?IMG_9991

After lunch we spent the afternoon wandering around the shops. I love trinket shops with little treasures for your home. It was a true test not to spend any money in them whilst i’m trying to save for Australia! … I did buy a cute tin box with an arty picture of a cat on the lid for my grandma’s birthday which is next month. I’m going to fill it with random notecards as she loves writing letters. A couple of larger shops did catch me out, but in my defense, I did have a H&M voucher from my birthday, so I was allowed to buy the scarf, matching phone case and sunglasses. They will obviously be used on my travels! Oh and that bag from Accessorize had £15 off, so it was just as cheap as if I bought one from Primark. I mean Mum and I really can’t continue to walk around with our matching rucksacks for much longer ;D

We rounded off the day watching The Avengers at the cinema. I love the current Marvel collection and can’t wait for the next installment!

And that sums up a lovely Bank Holiday. ….Unfortunately i’ve been rather ill ever since, so daydreaming about Monday and the other places I’d like to visit before I leave England is the only thing keeping me sane. That and finally being able to sleep again!


A Travelling Companion…

A Travelling Companion

I finally have some very exciting developments on my Australian Adventure!! Meet Emma (above photo), my lovely friend who has decided to take some time out of her busy schedule working in TV Land and will be joining me in Australia for a month in November!!

Now in case you haven’t worked it out yet, deciding where to visit and when is proving difficult for me! So far I land in Brisbane at the end of July, and will reside in that area for a little while exploring. Then I don’t really have any plans. I know of hundreds of places that I would like to visit. I just don’t know in what order yet…

But Emma has kicked my bum into gear and for November we have a whirlwind tour ahead of us!! SO, where do we plan to go?? First stop Sydney (Can anyone really travel all the way to Australia and not visit Sydney?!). Then back to Brisbane and Gold Coast where I will be able to show off my favourite finds. To Byron Bay for a surf lesson (sandy faceplants anyone?). Then up the coastline of Queensland, featuring: Noosa National Park, Fraser Island, Rockhampton, the Great Barrier Reef and finishing with Whitsunday Islands. … I am overwhelmed with just the thought of how much natural beauty I am going to experience on this trip!

Only just over 12 weeks until my flight departs!! The time is flying by…


By the way.. do you like the photo of Emma? Emma is a singer and this photo is from a shoot I did of her to make an album cover. We had to hand stitch the flowers to invisible thread to make them hang. It looked so beautiful. As does Emma!