Mother & Daughter Road Trip… Oxford, Bicester & Milton Keynes…


It’s one of those wet Sundays that makes you want to curl up on the sofa with films and copious amounts of tea. The type of Sunday that you look at that list of to do jobs and that room that is in major need of organisation and you just think, nope. Not happening!

So instead of being productive like I should be, i’m watching Harry Potter. Lovely!

Last weekend on the other hand, the sun was shining even more so than yesterday, and it couldn’t have been more perfect for a Mother and Daughter Road Trip!

Mum has a mile-stone birthday coming up in November and as I will be on my travels when that happens I decided we better have a little celebration before I head off! On Saturday morning we headed out in my little Kia Picanto (or Percy) for a weekend full of fun and frolics that my mum had no idea about!

First stop was Oxford. I think we were both relieved to arrive after a detour taking our journey – in the heat with no air con – to about 4 and a half hours long! I had booked a room for the night through the University and was placed in a little cottage-esque style halls of residence. What luxury those students live in! No different to a hotel, the room had a comfy double bed beautifully made, with a gorgeous ensuite shower room. I think I could handle living there for a year!

A short bus journey took us into central Oxford where the next part of the surprise was waiting. My friends Sophie and Lydia were there with their mum Heather – my mum’s friend. Neither mum’s knew so it was lovely to finally be able to break the secret!! … The rest of the day was spent strolling in the sun, exploring the various University buildings and the little streets and parks of Oxford. We even stumbled across a circus with wonderful old-fashioned carts and caravans. It looked so pretty in amongst the trees!

We finished the day having a delicious meal at Cote. Lemon sole for me, it’s my go-to fish when i’m feeling splurge worthy with my money! And Cote did not disappoint. Washed down with Pimms, wine and lots of giggles it really was a wonderful day!


On Sunday morning I revealed Part Two to mum. We would be spending the night at Bicester Golf and Spa Hotel. I figured we would need a little down time after all the walking over the weekend!

We headed back into Oxford for the morning and devoured a hot chocolate and croissant from Pauls… a favourite treat from my time in London with the best hot chocolate in England. (Angelina’s in Paris does top it though, sorry Paul!) .. I also had to ask a girl where her gorgeous top was from which she revealed was Zara. Low and behold when we popped into the local Zara, there it was in my size AND in the sale! Bonus!! … We spent the rest of the morning exploring the shops and wandering along the river before heading our separate ways. The girls back to their homes and me and mum to Bicester where we spent the afternoon in the spa and eating steak in red wine sauce. Delicious.


Monday morning meant the conclusion of our trip with one more surprise on the way home… A stop at Milton Keynes for a spot of Indoor Sky Diving!! … Whilst a tad on the expensive side considering you only get 2 minutes in the tunnel, I would highly recommend this experience! It doesn’t make me want to jump out of a plane at great heights anytime soon, but it does make me want to learn all the cool tricks the instructors can do! One did a little superhero show  – think iron man – flying around the tunnel! Wow! I was just about able to learn to hold myself still enough for the instructor to let go for a few seconds before the air blew me off-centre! … The best part was at the end when, if the instructor thought it was safe, they would hold on to you and spin you up to the top of tunnel and back down again. I did not stop grinning!



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