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Five Happy Things…

Happy Things

I have 19 days until I fly out to Australia!… And I need to get organised!!!! I don’t think i’ve got any further since my last ‘the flight date is approaching’ post!

Still to do: Travel insurance, Packing checklist, Pick a camera, Book a place to stay for the first couple of nights in Brisbane! … and i’m sure there’s more!

If anyone has any recommendations for any of the above then I would love to hear them!!

On top of sorting my life out I’m also trying to see as many friends and family before I head off on my travels. So far since leaving work I have traveled to Durham and Oxford to see friends and family. I have spent this week at home catching up with various friends and next week i’m in London. I’m so excited to be heading back to the place I spent 5 years living to see some of my favourite people and places.

I plan to put some posts up all about these moments soon but after the sad news of my latest post, and as it’s a Friday, I thought i’d post some things that have made me happy this week:

Friends: So far this week i’ve had catch ups and dinner dates with 5 friends and I have even more plans for this evening, tomorrow afternoon and night where I plan to see even more lovely girls and boys. And it has been wonderful! I’ve been able to see friends who live far away so we’ve had months to catch up on. It’s also amazing how much happens in just one week when you’ve been away, which means I still have lots to catch up on with friends you often see. I have an evening of pizza and girly chatter to look forward to tonight. (Secret revealed: I also had pizza last night, yum yum yum)

Mother And Daughter Road Trip: Because i’ll be away when my mum turns the big 5-0 later this year I took mum on a secret road trip for an early birthday present. It was lovely to spend some quality time with her and we had an awesome time. Shopping, eating and strolling were involved, as well as an extra surprise activity on the way home. … A big thank you to my friend Katie who loaned me her Satnav! Who knows what would have happened along the road without that amazing creation!

Sunshine: It just makes you feel brighter and lighter doesn’t it!? Even at 5am when it streams through my beige curtains!

Thunderstorms: Waking up to a thunderstorm in the middle of the night, hearing the rain lashing against your window, the grumble of thunder building up and seeing a crack of bright light burst through your curtains.. and then getting to snuggle down further into your warm cosy bed, your duvet tucked tight around you and drifting back to sleep knowing you don’t need to go out in the rain. Bliss. I think i’d sleep a lot better if we had more storms at night.

Colouring: I find it’s very difficult to switch off. From life, from thoughts, from technology. Sometimes you just need a few minutes where you don’t think and i’ve found my way of doing so. Colouring! I am loving this latest trend of adult colouring books. You can really focus on the page with the only thoughts being what colour shall I use for the next section?

I hope you all have plenty of reasons to be happy this week!


Some Sad News…

I have some sad news to share, the reason for my silence these past couple of weeks. You will have all read, seen, heard about the awful happenings in Tunisia two weeks today. I was horrified to originally hear about the attack unknowing that the effects would hit very close to home.

My beautiful friend’s parents were at that very hotel. Stuart Cullen was her dad, one of the 38 who was killed. I’m not going to go into any more detail, I just wanted to take this little moment to say how heartbroken I am that such selfishness can bring so much grief on so many people all over England and throughout the world.

Stuart was an incredible man and I was lucky enough to witness the love he always showered over his family and friends.


Let’s Have A Catch Up…

Let's SummariseOops! I cannot believe how long long it has been since I last wrote a post!… No excuses but I have been super busy rehearsing for a show and must admit that I felt a bit guilty writing or reading when I could be going through that song just one more time (five more times…). So time has well and truly slipped by. Time for a little update on whats been happening then don’t you think?

As I kind of said above, i’ve been in a local AmDram production of Legally Blonde The Musical! As you can tell by me actually sitting down and writing again, it’s now sadly finished, but what a rollercoaster ride it was! Having not sung or danced for nearly four years it was a pretty scary thing being offered a named character role. Margot…. It was a pretty big deal for me and I hope that I rose to the challenge and people enjoyed my take on it/singing/dancing/overall performance! It was an incredible feeling to be back on stage after all this time, such a buzz! However the main thing i’ll take away from the past few months are the amazing friends I made who supported me throughout… More people to miss whilst i’m away!!

Work-wise, time has flown by and now I only have two days left!… English GCSE’s have been and gone and I suppose that means that my job is done… But what a lovely week to finish though as the Year 11’s have their High School Prom tomorrow. I’ve been helping organise it and will be spending the afternoon harnessing my inner events designer to try an make the venue look wonderful. I cannot wait to see all of the girls in their dresses and the guys in their suits.The excitement will be bubbling out of them i’m sure.

Fitness. I have been going to the gym fairly regularly (for me) for the past few months to try and improve my fitness ready for travelling. Friday is my last day of my membership there so I think I am going to attempt the ’30 Day Shred’ from the beginning of July. My friends have seen incredible results in their fitness, stamina and toning since they started it. Let’s hope I can keep the motivation up once i’ve started. Maybe mentioning it on here will force me to keep it up!

It’s been lovely having my brother home for a few weeks. He found out yesterday that he passed his second year of university with a 2:1 in Chemistry!!! He is quickly overtaking me in academic knowledge. The little smarty-pants. I am so proud of him. He starts his placement soon which he will complete over the next year before going on to finish the final stage of his Degree.

My other little brother has just turned 18!! Not so little any more hey! He has also been offered the character of Eugene in Grease! with the same company that we performed with in Legally Blonde!.. Another reason to be a proud sister!

Finally, it’s also just been my Nanny’s 80th birthday! How amazing is that? .. I won’t say much though as I plan to do a separate post later on.

I should be posting more regularly from now on.. Time is quickly vanishing before I head away and there is so much to be done!


Ladies Who Lunch… Making time for friends…

Ladies Who  Lunch

Sometimes finding time to catch up with friends is difficult. I have my friends who I see very regularly; and then I have my friends that I don’t get to see enough of. Today I met two such friends for lunch in Norwich and because of this I feel amazing. I could literally use the description ‘feeling warm and fuzzy inside!’…

I don’t think we’ve been able to see each other for about a year due to a number of reasons, but no one around us would have thought that. The afternoon was filled with laughter, memories, laughter, the latest news, smiles and more laughter. My jaw really does hurts from the amount of smiling, laughing and talking that happened today.

It was wonderful to hear and see how wonderful everyone was feeling about their lives at this moment in time, even though we are all on very different paths. Mel now has a beautiful five month old daughter and the joy just oozes out when she talks about her. Clare has taken the plunge into self-employment as a vocal coach (about time too the talented so and so!). Her enthusiasm for performance is contagious so this is definitely one giant leap in the right direction. And then there’s me. Only two months and 19 days away from flying across to the other side of the world!! Everyone seemed really secure with the path that their life is currently forming and that is just an incredible thing to witness.

Anyway, my point is… make sure you make time to meet up with those friends you haven’t seen in a while… or even your friend you saw yesterday. Its good for the heart!


Bank Holiday and Blue Skies: Bury St Edmunds…


How was everybody’s bank holiday weekend? How wonderful was it that our Bank Holiday Monday, which are renowned for being wet, was instead replaced with beautiful blue skies! It was glorious!

I spent a lovely day wandering the city of Bury St Edmund’s; exploring the ruins of the Abbey and pottering around the shops in the town centre.

Bury St Edmunds is about an hour and a quarter away from where I live… close enough to pop to for the day but far enough away for those unfortunate motion sickness sufferers (like myself!) to arrive feeling a bit queasy!… So the lovely weather was welcomed as soon as I stepped outside of the car. The morning was spent exploring the park that holds Benedictine Abbey’s ruins. To enter you walk through the Great Gate, which while originally this would have lead to the Great Court and Abbey’s Palace, it now leads into the Abbeys Gardens. And what a beautiful sight they are! Laid out in a Victorian bedding style, the garden was full of unexpected colour. Deep oranges, reds and yellows burst out of the greenery. Well I couldn’t help but stop and take several photos to share with you!IMG_9952

Due to the sun shining and it being bank holiday the park that followed on from the gardens was full of families playing games, walking and eating picnics. Children and parents ran through, around and over the ruins, chasing each other or their dogs and having just a wonderful time. It was so nice watching everyone enjoying themselves, smiling to each other and strangers passing. I think that is part of the beauty of Bury St Edmunds. The history is right there on everyone’s doorstep… or back garden as such. It’s not fenced off with a ‘do not touch’ sign. You can get right in there. Walk the paths of the Benedictine Monks, and the Royals who visited. The children can reenact the history that is in the stone they climb over whilst the adults can daydream about what once was and what is now left behind.

As we stepped out of the park and gardens we came across some houses that were built into the stone wall. They were really quite incredible. We only stopped in the cathedral for a few moments as we had a reservation for lunch, but I think it’s honestly the first cathedral that didn’t make me feel like i’m intruding. Does anyone else ever feel this way? The glass windows were gorgeous, and I think the walls being white rather than a dark brick accentuated them, overall making the place so welcoming.

Whilst we normally like to try a local place rather than a chain restaurant for lunch, we had some vouchers for Pizza Express.. and who can turn down a chance to try somewhere for free?! … Whilst not the best Italian restaurant, it was still lovely. The restaurant itself was decorated wonderfully with local art canvas’ which had designs of post signs pointing to nearby towns on them. It had a light and airy feel to the place which was surprising as from the outside it looked small and cramped. Foodwise: I would highly recommend the Romana Pollo ad Astra Pizza.. although if you like a bit of spice like me, maybe ask for a extra topping of your favourite chilli to give it a bit of a kick… anyone else find that chilli oil never really does much?IMG_9991

After lunch we spent the afternoon wandering around the shops. I love trinket shops with little treasures for your home. It was a true test not to spend any money in them whilst i’m trying to save for Australia! … I did buy a cute tin box with an arty picture of a cat on the lid for my grandma’s birthday which is next month. I’m going to fill it with random notecards as she loves writing letters. A couple of larger shops did catch me out, but in my defense, I did have a H&M voucher from my birthday, so I was allowed to buy the scarf, matching phone case and sunglasses. They will obviously be used on my travels! Oh and that bag from Accessorize had £15 off, so it was just as cheap as if I bought one from Primark. I mean Mum and I really can’t continue to walk around with our matching rucksacks for much longer ;D

We rounded off the day watching The Avengers at the cinema. I love the current Marvel collection and can’t wait for the next installment!

And that sums up a lovely Bank Holiday. ….Unfortunately i’ve been rather ill ever since, so daydreaming about Monday and the other places I’d like to visit before I leave England is the only thing keeping me sane. That and finally being able to sleep again!



Sporadicity (1)

Why hello! It has been a little while since my last musing! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and bank holiday weekend… I understand my posts are rather sporadic at the moment. I cannot wait until my trip starts so I can write more frequently about any little adventures that may occur! Until then I don’t want to bore you with posts for the sake of posts, so I am using this time to not only write little snippets of plans and thoughts during the lead up to my impending travels, but also as a chance to find my voice in the world of blogging.

Any tips are always welcome! Or is there something you’d like to hear about?