A Travelling Companion…

A Travelling Companion

I finally have some very exciting developments on my Australian Adventure!! Meet Emma (above photo), my lovely friend who has decided to take some time out of her busy schedule working in TV Land and will be joining me in Australia for a month in November!!

Now in case you haven’t worked it out yet, deciding where to visit and when is proving difficult for me! So far I land in Brisbane at the end of July, and will reside in that area for a little while exploring. Then I don’t really have any plans. I know of hundreds of places that I would like to visit. I just don’t know in what order yet…

But Emma has kicked my bum into gear and for November we have a whirlwind tour ahead of us!! SO, where do we plan to go?? First stop Sydney (Can anyone really travel all the way to Australia and not visit Sydney?!). Then back to Brisbane and Gold Coast where I will be able to show off my favourite finds. To Byron Bay for a surf lesson (sandy faceplants anyone?). Then up the coastline of Queensland, featuring: Noosa National Park, Fraser Island, Rockhampton, the Great Barrier Reef and finishing with Whitsunday Islands. … I am overwhelmed with just the thought of how much natural beauty I am going to experience on this trip!

Only just over 12 weeks until my flight departs!! The time is flying by…


By the way.. do you like the photo of Emma? Emma is a singer and this photo is from a shoot I did of her to make an album cover. We had to hand stitch the flowers to invisible thread to make them hang. It looked so beautiful. As does Emma!


It Is Already Tomorrow In Australia…

Throughout my childhood my grandparents jetted off to Australia to visit my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin’s every other year. Whilst they were away postcards arrived from the different places that they visited and I eagerly awaited their return for the photographs and the tales about their adventures on the otherside of the world. They told me stories of exotic animals in the back garden, beautiful beaches where people surfed and colourful fish swam, of open roads and rainforests … and of course christmas in the sunshine.  (Ok, yes, I did also like all of the presents!)
And although I still find the idea of a hot, sunny christmas weird, and to be honest, just not right, everything that I was told was so incredibly exciting. So much so that every time my grandparents arrived back I would tell them that one day I would also visit Australia.
Now Australia isn’t just round the corner, so popping over for a week is not the best idea, and I found that long periods of empty time just haven’t turned up over the years. First school, then college, then uni, and of course that thing called work seemed to get in the way.
But here I am deciding which direction I should head in, stressing over what my next career move is, and suddenly there is only one thing I can think of… Sometimes you need to take one step backwards to breathe and admire the view before heading onwards. Maybe one giant step (or hundreds of normal steps and a 22 hour flight) should be taken, all the way to Australia?