Checking In At: Singapore, Changi Airport…

Wow, these past few days have been manic. Whilst I thought that I was rather organised for my trip, turns out.. I WASN’T!!! I was running last minute errands right up til the last minute! … Meaning I didnt even have time to update on here how things were going.

You’ll be happy to hear (i hope) that I have reached the halfway point of my journey and am happily typing away in the comfort of Changi Airport, Singapore. The 12.50 hour flight went as smoothly as possible, the only downfall being my inability to sleep well sitting upright… I’m sure that will change by the end of my travels!!

I flew with Singapore Airlines, an incredibly accomodating company. Before we had even moved hot towels were passed out, although with the amount of bodies in such a small space I was happy for the towel to turn cold as quickly as possible. Food and drinks were constantly handed out. It was good to see trays of water and orange juice being passed around so often as well, especially on such a long trip.

Singapore airlines have set up a new transit programme just in time for my arrival which meant that I was handed on my arrival two complimentary $20 vouchers. One was for the cosmetics/alcohol counter and the other could be used in most stores and services in the airport. I treated myself to some new nailpolish and handcream with the first voucher and best of all 2 hours in a transit lounge with the 2nd voucher. Food and an amazing shower was perfect after a well needed nap.

Before I could nap I took advantage of Changi’s free bus tour of Singapore. It was great to be able to visit some of Singapore whilst I was there! The tour is about 2 hours long with 2 twenty minute stops to see the merlion statue and the king”s mansion. These were more than enough for me on this particular day as the heat was humid and uncomfortable when fighting against having had no sleep. I enjoyed watching the world go by, seeing everyday life from the road. These are a few photo”s from my phone…

I would love to tell you about my ride down the 12ft Slide they have at Terminal 3… and the rooftop pool they have on top of the Terminal… But unfortunately both were closed due to renovation work. I was really looking forward to both of these, but I suppose they will have to wait for another time!

I”ll be heading off for my 2nd leg of the journey soon! Only 9 more hours and i’ll be in Australia!



Things Are Beginning To Get Real…



Things are beginning to get real.

I applied for a working holiday visa to Australia at approximately 8pm on Saturday night prepared for my two months of waiting to hear anything about it. Sunday morning around 10am I received an email confirming that it had been accepted! On a Sunday? Less than 24 hours later?! I think i re-read the email about a hundred times in disbelief!

By Sunday evening, after much deliberation and price checking, one frozen computer, two timing outs and one frustrated dad, my flight to Australia was BOOKED!!

Things are really beginning to get real.

So my trip begins on the 28th July 2015. From London Heathrow, with Singapore Airlines. This will be my first flight on my own and it is going to be a long one… With an incredible fifteen hour wait in Singapore! (Yes you did just read that correctly!)

However I have discovered that the airport provides free tours of Singapore for any waits over five hours so I am planning to take full advantage of this and any other goodies that are offered to me. … a free flight upgrade would naturally be welcomed on either flights!

Now I can really start planning my adventure!! Any recommendations?